Please find a sample collection of projects I’ve been a part of; many of these products span throughout several years of my career, they vary in skill, budget, technologies, and business requests. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments you may have about any of the projects you see here.

KeHE Distributors

KeHE Distributors (Organic Food)

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Flightdocs (Aviation)

Flightdocs is a SaaS provider of aviation maintenance tracking and compliance regulated inventory control. The primary goal is to provide large scale aircraft fleets with their state of airworthiness as well as tools to run flight operations.

My role was to design and develop the initial architecture and ecruit a top-tier software engineering team to build the flagship product and reinvigorate the business. I grew the team with 20 full time engineers across multiple technologies and successfully launched an enterprise-class web and mobile application resulting in 39% year over year growth.

Learn more about Flightdocs Enterprise.

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Arthrex (Med-Device)

Provides top quality medical device tools and implants for arthroscopic surgery. I am intimately involved with internal application development throughout the company.

Find out about various projects I am involved in at Arthrex.

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Online Management Systems

Online Management Systems (OMS)

Offers E-Commerce and fulfillment in a single turnkey solution for businesses such as ONE.org, Nothing But Nets (United Nations), Climate Protect, and many more.

Find out about various projects encompassed during my three years at OMS.

Online Management Systems

OMS E-Commerce Administration Platform

This project encompasses all of the backend operations that are involved in allowing a client to manage inventory, membership, content management, advertising tracking, reporting, order transactions, promotions, email campaigns and much more.

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Pro Team Golf League

Pro Team Golf League (PTGL)

PGA card holding players who are grouped into teams to play in Ryder Cup style golf matches. The twist is that Online ProCoaches, members of the website, are able to dictate who plays against whom and it what positions through a team-based voting system.

Included E-Commerce, online community, a voting-game platform, and a top-notch website in partnership with Edelman PR firm.

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Team Challenge

Team Challenge

Many of the executives from PTGL spun off a seperate company to license the idea of Strat.e.Golf (PTGL’s voting platform) with the addition of celebrity star power. Backed by Fox Sports Network, Best Damn Sports Show, and commissioned by Charles Barkley – the Team Challenge was a huge success in Palm Springs, CA.

Corporate Health Management Solutions

Corporate Health Management Solutions

CHMS has developed a unique system of absence and incident tracking for large corporations. By using the CHMS platform, which is fully customizeable, corporations can greatly reduce the time and cost of employee absence and incident tracking.

Note: Website is not public.

Hi-Tech Cooling

Hi-Tech Cooling & Controls

A Southwest Florida commercial air conditioning company serving primarily Lee and Collier counties.

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SWFL Nights

Southwest Florida Nights

A local project to bring attention to venues in Southwest Florida. Bands, bars, clubs, and other nightlife in the area are featured weekly with members receiving updates on specials, how-to’s on making drinks, and contact/directional info for services related to the area nightlife.



MyCatchLog was an online tool that allows anglers to log their fishing trips including GPS, time/date, and weather conditions.

Additional Companies I’ve Made Contributions To

Note: The following list includes projects that I’ve contributed either design, programming, project management, or consultation on. They may or may not still feature direct work of mine in their current products.


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