My Recent Speaking Presentations

Presenting at Florida Gulf Coast University (Careers in Technology)

Tonight, Charlene Gamero and I did a presentation on Careers in Technology to students at FGCU. There was a solid turn out, mostly because they were forced for an assignment, but we’ll take credit anyway.

I mentioned during the session that writing a blog was an extremely beneficial endeavor and in doing so remembered how I’ve neglected to write anything within the past month. Oops.

So, to both fill a little content, and provide the material for any of the students that were interested please enjoy this short post of the slide deck from our presentation.

Careers in Technology Presentation

Presenting at Oracle Open World (Value of Upgrading to Release 12.1 of Oracle Manufacturing)

Oracle OpenWorld 2011

On Oct. 6th, I presented on a customer panel regarding our new implementation of Oracle EBS, Agile PLM, and Oracle MOC. Though the title of the talk was a little misleading for my particular part (being a fresh implementation, not an upgrade), there was a lot of good information covered that is only found in R12; specifically, the reasons for our project – Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and Manufacturing Operation Center (MOC). There were two other customer speakers which did a great job to round out the session. I’ve included the slide deck (with the other presenters information excluded since I did not request their permission for publishing) in the link below.

On a sidenote, Open World was a lot of fun and educational though quite sad just prior to the concert when many of us found out Steve Jobs had passed away.

Value of Upgrading to Release 12.1 of Oracle Manufacturing Presentation