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Education provides one of the greatest advantages in life. It is knowledge, that indiscriminantly improves a persons’ position in life. In my experience, it doesn’t matter age, ethnicity, gender or origin, you’re valued by what you know and what you can accomplish.

Yet education isn’t necessarily cheap, not only in terms of money but time as well. In cases where,
for whatever reason, going to (or back to) school is not an option, or you’re simply a self-learner, there is another option.

MIT, in conjunction with several other renowned educational institutes have spear-headed the Open Courseware Initiative, an “open-source” view of education. Many courses spanning across all subjects are provided without charge over the internet. Courses vary in what material is provided, but many include audio/video sessions of actual course classes.

For those interested in Information Technology, Stanford has one of the most comprehensive collections of computer engineering courses called Stanford Engineering Everywhere. Video is provided via YouTube, iTunes U, Vyev, WMU Torrent, and MP4 Torrent and cover the following course schedule:

Introduction to Computer Science

  • Programming Methodology
  • Programming Abstractions
  • Programming Paradigms

Artificial Intelligence

  • Introduction to Robots
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Machine Learning

Linear Systems and Optimization

  • The Fourier Transform and it’s Applications
  • Introduction to Linear Dynamical Systems
  • Convex Optimization I
  • Convex Optimization II

In addition to Stanford, MIT, Yale, UC Berkely, and many other schools offer free courseware. Now you can actually download many of the courses audio/video through iTunes U, a section within the iTunes Store which contains free open courseware content. All of your college classes right on your iPod, can’t beat that!

If you would like to learn more about open courseware, please check out some of the following links and begin reaping the benefits of a free education.

3 thoughts on “OpenCourseWare from MIT-Harvard-Yale

  1. I like your website.

    I plan to use the free Courseware offerings for developing my programming skills.

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