Running Multiple Versions of IE

Have an issue where you need to compare web ui in multiple versions of IE? Not a problem with Tredosoft’s MultipleIE. First, install IE7 to use the most current version as your primary and then download TredoSoft’s MultipleIE and run shelled versions of IE 3.0-6.0. on the same machine.

The solution isn’t necessarily 100%, but it does provide a quick, simply, and free approach to multi-browser testing.

Of course, you may also want to install some additional browers for testing purposes; I’ve added a pretty common lineup for reference:

You can download the latest version of TredoSoft’s MultipleIE here:

Note: Unfortunately, Multiple IE will not work in Windows Vista, a known issue.

Browser Cam

There is also a service (probably several) which provides you a much richer collection of browser/OS permutations for testing called Browser Cam.

This service does cost money (day, month, year subscriptions), but allows you to terminal into OS-specific client machines and test different browsers easily.

Note: I’ve experienced a bit of a delay when using Browser Cam, and occasionally boxes do temporarily go down (or at least appear unavailable) from time to time, so make sure you allocate a bit of testing time aside for using services such as Browser Cam.

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