Calling All Beta Testers! MyCatchLog Needs Help!

MyCatchLog: Log a trip

I have a fun little project a friend of mine and I have worked on for a bit of time now. The basic premise is a website geared towards avid anglers and charter guides/captains.

You simply register (it really does only take a few seconds and it is completely free), and then begin logging your fishing trips. The data that gets collected can be used to help you identify your most productive fishing spots, most caught species, best bait used, etc. and can all be constrained to specific locations, time of day or year, species, and much more.

The more data you enter, the more you get out of the reporting functionality. Most avid anglers keep some type of logbook; this takes that concept and brings it to the next level.

For technology, it uses Microsoft’s Virtual Earth for mapping and GPS plotting and most pages are AJAX. There are a few places where webservices are called to gather external data.

Unfortunately, this project has been a side project where much of the work is done late at night or for an hour or two here and there. Therefore, there are a few bugs and there was not as comprehensive planning done in the early stages of development. The biggest issue, is that I simply need more traffic and feedback as to how members would like or dislike the website.

If you would like to help, please head on over to MyCatchLog and check it out. Feedback would greatly be appreciated.

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